Subscription | Collaboration Matcher | By LearnChurn

Subscription | Collaboration Matcher | By LearnChurn

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Connect with other businesses, professionals and organizations who would like to collaborate on an event, goal or marketing initiative!  


-Get Matched Using the B2B Matcher By Aligned Goals, Budget, Fanbase, Industry, Contribution and More!

-Save Favorites, Share Results and Items.

-Add Your Company and/or Opportunities to the B2B Matcher

-Be Promoted on Several Websites, Email Lists and Web Services Online That Promote The B2B Matcher

-Easily Edit Your Items Online


Design Customizable: Need a customize B2B Matcher? Simply like the design and want to do something similar with a different theme? We can help! 

For Custom Digital Displays: Do you manage events, or work with custom digital displays? We can help extend the functionality of your filterable Matcher to be displayed on a large screen, while allowing users to use their mobile devices to control the Matcher just like a remote controller - through their browser. 



White Label B2B Matcher




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